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Lynda's Roses - photo by Lynda Hale
"Come into my garden; I want my roses to see you."
           author unknown
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Keep It All Together in the Garden!

(November garden tips below.) 

You’ve got your garden tools out and your plants all ready to go. Yes!  You're finally going outside to work in the garden. Any season -
                 there's always a job to do. 

Once you’ve given yourself the familiar old pep talk and put some energy into planning, I want you to think about last Spring and the surprises you found after clearing away brush and preparing to plant.  How about those eyeglasses you lost under the fern or the trowel you somehow left out to rust all winter? Maybe you lost your keys (which cost a fortune to replace!!!)  and then you found them in early April hiding behind a pile of gloves and other garden "extras."  After working with your new tools (bought because you lost old tools) did your back ache? Did your knees hurt? 

Ria's Peonies
photo by Ria Marcussen
Prevent those annoying things from happening next spring.  PLAN AHEAD!!! After cutting back foliage and taking one last whack at those pesky weeds that miraculously manage to pop through any kind of soil, you can get to the fun stuff (playing in the dirt) more quickly when you have everything you need in one spot  Save time now and look forward to an easy Spring in the garden as well as a happy time this month.  Below you will find something of great benefit to help you do just that.

  Garden & Tool Caddy was created by a true garden lover who “donated” one too many garden tools into his recycling bin, whose dog knocked over his water bottle ten too many times, and whose cell phone is still “out there” somewhere under a bush. The Garden & Tool Caddy is the perfect way to keep it all together in the garden.

After carrying an arsenal of items outside like garden tools and personal items (soft drink, keys, cell phone, gloves etc.) only to set it all down and remember the loppers back in the garage, our inventor needed help. He checked out every store you can imagine looking for something light and convenient that would easily hold everything and yet still be portable. The problem was it
                        didn’t exist, so he made his own.

Soon friends and neighbors were drooling over his invention and talked him into manufacturing it so everyone could own their own. The Garden & Tool Caddy quickly became a favorite gift and useful purchase for anyone who loves to garden or do home improvement.

Then his wife begged him to make it in 6 “pretty colors” (she wanted a blue one) and the rest is history.

The brilliant part is that it has both a curved side and a straight side plus little adjustable feet that help it balance when attached to a trash can, yard waste bin, wheelbarrow or other work station. The caddy is lightweight but holds A LOT of tools, even heavy loppers.
     Best Gift
Leveling tabs for balance - curved side - straight side

Attach the Garden &Tool Caddy to a trashcan and you won’t need to bend over to pick up tools.

Watch the "how it works" YouTube video or visit the web site . It’s the PERFECT GIFT because it’s got 2 patents and you won’t find it anywhere else.

Got back problems? No need to bend.  GREAT FOR ALL AGES AND SIZES.  Lightweight AND sturdy.
Another BENEFIT: When not using it for gardening, it has multiple other uses (click for ideas)  such as remodeling, cleaning, tractors, cars, CRAFTS, toys and MORE. I even have one by the bed for tissue, glasses, book, medicine, water bottle, remote control and vitamins or lotions.  Sooooo many ideas!

Full Disclosure:
Yes, we are shamelessly writing about our own product but only because we know you’ll love it – and need it.

Buy One – Give One
Multiple Uses -
6 Popular Colors
(You know you want it!)

caddy fits on most wheelbarrows and looks pretty, too   


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